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Equine Flake Gold

Equine Flake Gold

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ProVida Flake Gold has been formulated by leading animal nutritionist Chris Whalley, to offer a supplement that provides the essential nutrients for hoof and bone development, whilst helping to build condition, enhance coat shine and support vision and brain function.

Flake Gold combines the tried and tested benefits of flax seed flake, noted as a quality source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, and DHA Gold (produced by DSM), a sustainable marine algae providing high levels of DHA Omega 3.  This combination delivers both a plant and marine source of Omega 3, providing a fantastic Omega 3 source.  Omega 3 is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as improving skin and coat condition, and supporting brain function and eye health.

Flake Gold also contains digestible proteins to boost top line condition and assist with muscle development and overall health, as well as being high in dietary fibre with a low GI rating.

Further to these benefits, Flake Gold also delivers high levels of all of the following ingredients:

Biotin - well-known 'hoof vitamin' crucial for keratin production for hoof hardness.  Often deficient in low forage diets, and requirements are often particularly elevated with horses in work.

Organic Zinc & Copper - key trace minerals associated with cartilage development, keratin production, bone integrity and general wellbeing.

Calcium - the mineral that helps support the glue in binding keratin in hooves.  Also an essential element for bone development, often deficient in high cereal diets.

Natural Vitamin E - very important in New Zealand to compliment selenium in its role as an anti-oxidant and component of muscle tissue.  Important for heart muscle development and cellular integrity.  Particularly important where access to quality pasture is limited.