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Mitavite - Cool Perfomer®

Mitavite - Cool Perfomer®


Low GI, gluten-free complete cool feed for all horses in work.
Cool Performer® provides a safe, easily digestible form of cool energy minimizing stress on the horse's digestive system, minimizing fizzy behaviour. Hypoallergenic and gluten free, Cool Performer® contains high levels of Rice Bran Oil. Cool Performer® is low in starch and a low GI for longer lasting energy and sustained performance.
Containing more energy than the equivalent weight in oats or corn and a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals, Cool Performer® is a complete feed that has been steam extruded to enhance digestibility in the small intestine to over 90%.
Cool Performer® contains the naturally occurring anti-oxidant Ferulic acid, which plays an important role in protecting cell membranes from damage caused during strenuous exercise and competition. Research suggests that horses fed rice based feeds have a lower resting heart rate, lower lactate accumulation and are more easily managed and controlled. Cool Performer® is ideal for anxious, fizzy horses that need a high level of 'cool' energy. Rice bran based diets such as Cool Performer®, that are low in starch and high in fat show a decrease in the serum CK levels after exercise. When rice bran based diets have been used in clinical and sub clinical trials tying up has decreased. Cool Performer® has unlimited potential for a range of horses providing a comprehensive nutrient profile and cool energy to meet the changing needs and demands of competition horses.