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Mitavite - Cool Crusada®

Mitavite - Cool Crusada®

Mitavite® Cool Crusada® raises the bar in the delivery of premium nutrition for sport horses and ponies across all performance disciplines. Adopting the latest research in equine nutrition and feed technology, Cool Crusada® delivers across all measurables and provides additional support for horses’ critical systems including:
  • Energy is provided by ingredients that are delivered via 3 separate digestive systems, providing a balanced combination of fast acting, medium and slow release energies.
  • Super-Fibres provide support for hind gut function whilst supplying a cool energy source.
  • Mitavite’s® revolutionary supplement Bonafide® is included to support bone and cartilage integrity, and assist in maintaining soundness.
Cool Crusada® is a highly palatable muesli style feed, and it is a complete feed, which means you just add fibre and/or pasture. It is nutrient rich with an economical feeding rate, which suits those looking for a total nutritional feed for the sport horse or pony in medium to hard work or competition. And being super cool…it won’t make your horse fizzy.

Unique features of Mitavite Cool Crusada®
  • Highly palatable muesli style complete feed
  • Nutrient rich with an economical feeding rate
  • Contains Bonafide® to support bone density and soundness
  • Contains Super Fibres for cool energy and condition
Choose Mitavite Cool Crusada® when
  • Your horse is in medium to hard work or competition
  • You prefer a muesli style feed
  • Your horse can get fizzy on traditional feeds
  • You are looking for a total nutritional package for your sport horse or pony
  • You want your horse to have the support of Bonafide® every day